Shorter lead times

West Star offers the industry’s shortest lead times on custom stainless steel products, including response times of less than 48 hours. Our 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility—the largest on the West Coast—lets us easily scale capacity and fabricate multiple projects simultaneously. Our automated equipment also fabricates “lights out” to maintain your tighter schedules. Unlike competitors, we never overbook our production. And we coordinate shipping so everything arrives complete and on time.

Precision fabrication

West Star eliminates worry over installation problems by using the industry’s most advanced equipment. Our precision lasers cut clean, de-burred edges so that pieces fit together perfectly, saving time on welding and polishing. Our computerized press brakes also form stainless steel to immeasurable tolerances without warping, so there’s no need for “hammering.” Everything is exactly designed to field dimensions. West Star also ensures precision when incorporating outside-vendor equipment, such as warmers, heat lamps and millwork items. We work hand in hand with on-site superintendents and millwork vendors to ensure every part of your installation is perfect.

Responsive design

West Star designs products using advanced CAD/CAM software. We cut lead times and costs by emailing you an electronic “prototype” so you can review details—including any specified artistic touches—and provide input before fabrication. This CAD/CAM data is then used to program our lasers to begin production right away. No further layout time is needed. (If desired, we can also stage your product and equipment and let your people field test flow and functionality.) In addition to custom products, West Star has an enormous library of standard items ready for fabrication at a moment’s notice. Call for details.    

Unmatched service

West Star’s experienced project managers—most with 15 or more years at our company—will ensure your project runs smoothly and on time, despite schedule changes or the number of locations. We’ll coordinate all parties involved in your project, attend job site meetings, take care of equipment staging, do final walk-throughs and much more. And we make ourselves available to answer questions at every stage of your project.


West Star will gladly stage any third-party-buyout equipment (e.g., dishwashers and ovens) that you want shipped together with your stainless steel order. You also have the option to have third-party equipment seamlessly incorporated into your stainless steel products during fabrication (e.g., a dishwashing machine built into the dishwashing-station counter). When you’re ready to ship, West Star will gladly arrange for delivery or freight. Or you can make arrangements to have a third-party shipping company pick up your order at our factory via will-call.